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SOLD OUT!!!! SUSHI! Are you ready to roll? Again!

Juan Tabo 5809 Juan Tabo, Suite A, Albuquerque

Since we cannot get enough of the amazing Sushi we go again! Registrations fill up fast for this class, so don't wait! Fresh! Fun! Fabulous Sushi!  An array of rolls limited only by your imagination!  Chef Cesar will show you how to make Dragon Rolls, California Rolls, Nigiri, Uramaki & Hosomaki.  Crispy, delicious tempura […]

Sold Out! Summertime Surf ‘n Turf

Juan Tabo 5809 Juan Tabo, Suite A, Albuquerque

Get ready for a fun filled evening on the patio at Cinnamon Cafe!  Chef Cesar will assist you in preparing some delicious dishes tonight!  On the menu are Bacon Wrapped grilled Scallops, Peppercorn Flank Steak, Hawaiian Salmon, and grilled Poundcake for dessert....who said you couldn't grill dessert???  

SOLD OUT!!! Grillin’ el Greco Style on the Patio!

Juan Tabo 5809 Juan Tabo, Suite A, Albuquerque

Greeks love dining 'ypaithrios'...'alfresco' in the mild, beautiful Greek weather on the Islands, in the countryside, and even in the big city of Athens!  My father loved New Mexico, because the climate and lay of the land reminded him of his country, and it is perfect to grow grapes, figs, and his favorite flowers...roses!  In […]